Which factors are normally effective on pipe support span?


Pipe support span depends on many factors. The most important factors that shall normally be taken into account in calculation of a pipe span include, but are not limited to, those in the following items:

  1. Stress Criteria (Weight of Pipe and Insulation, Fluid Weight, Operational Weight, Hydrostatic Loads, Flange and Valve Loads, etc.)- To sum up, Prevent from Over Load

  2. Deflection Criteria – Due to Sensitive Services
  3. Vibration and Frequency Criteria
  4. Pipe Drainage (Corrosion, Explosion, Lethal, etc.)
  5. Allowable Loads on Piping Support or Equipment
  6. Thermal expansion and contraction
  7. Indentation
  8. Maintenance
  9. Cost
  10. Allocated Areas

Note: Material, OD, Sch., Service type, etc. can be laid in the above-mentioned items.